Humidity Beads System® Advantages

The Humidity Beads System® maintains a constant rate of relative humidity by consistently

absorbing and releasing water vapor as necessary, providing a precise level of humidity for

your cigars, herbal medicine, hollow bodied musical instruments, electronics and more.

Perfect for in your cigar humidor or weed containers!

Key Features:

• Granted 2 U.S. Patents 

• Precisely maintains relative humidity by absorbing and releasing water vapor as needed*

• Cost effective and environmentally friendly with

minimal retail packaging and long usage life**

• Doesn't dry out like packs

• Doesn't expand like gels

• Simple to use***

• No messy solutions (i.e. no "PG" needed)

• Doesn't expand like gels

• Available in 40%, 50%, 60%, 65% RH and 70% RH levels

• American invented, owned and assembled

• 1 year replacement warranty

* Accurate to +/- 2% points

** While we have reports from customers who are using them 10+ years, on average they last 4-5 years

*** A small amount of water is added every 4 weeks on average

Humidity control