The Humidity Bead System® was invented in 1999 by avid cigar smoker,  Mark Neff,  with the hopes of providing a long lasting and affordable humidity solution for cigar and dry herb storage.  And the patented Humidity Bead System® has been

the original "humidity bead" humidifier and the preferred humidity control device by aficionados worldwide ever since.


Besides over 40,000 units being sold and receiving glowing reviews from both Cigar Aficionado Magazine and Cigar Journal Magazine,  the Humidity Bead System® was nominated for Cigar Journal Magazine's "Best Accessory Award" in both 2013 and 2014 (Cigar Aficionado review).


What is the Humidity Bead System®?


The Humidity Bead System® is a revolutionary way of maintaining a precise level of relative humidity in a closed environment.

This cutting edge technology makes it ideal for cigar storage, herbal medicine, pipe tobacco, electronics, musical instruments and much more making it perfect for your cigar humidor or weed containers.


Utilizing a patented Micropore Core™ technology, the Humidity Bead System® both absorbs and releases water vapor to maintain a precise, predetermined level of relative humidity.


If your humidity is too high, the Humidity Bead System® lowers it. If your humidity is too low, the Humidity Bead System® raises it.


It's that simple to ensure that your relative humidity is the critical level that you need.


We are so confident that you will be impressed by the performance of our Humidity Bead System® that we warranty it for a FULL YEAR!