Seasoning A New Humidor

There is a lot of confusion about how to properly season a new humidor and regardless of what you might have read, wiping down your new humidor with a water soaked sponge is NOT the way to do it.

The new wood of a humidor is typically dry as a bone and besides not providing enough moisture to season it, wiping it down with a sponge can cause the new wood to warp.

This is an essential part of setting up a new humidor and if it's rushed or skipped, you'll struggle with RH (relative humidity) stabilization for quite some time.

If your humidor isn't properly seasoned and you add your smokes to it, the new wood will quickly deplete any moisture content that your smokes have.

And adding a humidifier to a new humidor will help a little but the new wood will deplete the moisture out of that as quickly as it does your smokes.

The new wood need to slowly absorb it moisture capacity. To effectively do this is simple but takes time and patience.

Place a large bowl of water (it doesn't need to be distilled, tap water is fine) into the humidor and leave it closed for 10-14 days.

Unless you live an unsually dry climmate, 14 days will provide the adequate amount of time for the new wood to slowly become moist.

Yeah, that's it.

Happy smoking!

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